Communication industry


  With the increasing automation of communication equipment, the computer room has become the hub of modern communication, and its safety work has become a top priority. In the event of a fire, the entire communication network will be paralyzed, causing huge property losses and social impact. In recent years, the fire accident in the telecommunications room has not been interrupted: on February 27, 2002, the unmanned local telephone transmission room on the second floor of Haifu Road Communication Building, Haikou City, Hainan Province, was placed under the upper trough channel. The power line is aging and short-circuited, causing a fire, causing large-scale occlusion of the local government's incoming and outgoing trunks. The incoming and outgoing calls, data communications, PHS networks, some financial system networks, and cable TV networks are affected to varying degrees. Communication of 6500 access network users was interrupted, and communication of 52 China Mobile Communication Base Stations was blocked. On May 25, 2002, the computer room of Shuyang County, Jiangsu Province was invaded by external strong electricity and caused a fire, resulting in 120,000 households in the county. Program-controlled telephone paralyzed.

Fire hazard analysis

Due to the large number of electrical equipment in the telecommunications room and the complicated wiring, most of the fires are electrical fires. The main factors causing electrical fires are:

1、Short-circuits, overloads, and excessive contact resistance of electrical circuits cause fire accidents.

2、Static electricity creates a fire.

3、Lightning and other strong electric intrusion lead to fire.

4、Power equipment such as computers and air conditioners in the telecommunications equipment room are energized for a long time, and equipment failures cause fires.


  Corresponding fire-fighting disposal equipment and detection equipment are installed at different parts of the communication base station, and the detection equipment and the treatment equipment are connected to the base station controller through the fire-fighting controller, and the base station controller associates the fire-fighting controller data with the existing detector data and the associated The monitoring video information is uploaded to the monitoring center platform to realize the overall control of the fire protection situation of the base station of the entire area by one platform.

Intelligent fire protection system function