Power industry

  With the advancement of human society, the development of the electrical industry has been vigorously promoted. Due to the influence of various factors, heavy and extra-large electrical fire accidents have also occurred continuously, which has attracted the attention of the international community. According to the statistics of the International Fire Protection Technical Committee, in the first five years of the 21st century, the average annual fire occurred in the world was about 8.2 million, and the death toll was about 80,000. The proportion of electrical fires was about 34%. The average annual fire in China was 210,000 and the death was about 2000. People, the economic loss is 12 billion yuan, and the proportion of electrical fires is as high as 22%. It can be seen that electrical fires have become one of the most harmful disasters to human society. The International Fire Protection Technical Committee also urgently calls on countries to take measures as soon as possible to strengthen electrical fire prevention and control.

Fire risk analysis

• Fierce fire                  • Can cause personal injury or death, can not be fired at close range

• Difficulties in fighting            • Serious secondary harm

• Serious losses and long repair time


  The fire-fighting device automatically extinguishes the fire, automatically detects the fire (high temperature), and automatically releases the fire-extinguishing agent, and does not require personnel to operate. In particular, Emperor Yiming's fire-fighting artifacts are fully submerged to protect closed or semi-enclosed spaces such as power distribution cabinets, distribution boxes, current cabinets, and weak cabinets. The fixed temperature sensing self-starting water-based fire extinguishing device can be arranged in a cable tray, a cable tunnel, a shaft, etc. in a non-closed space. The two fire extinguishing devices complement each other and are simple and convenient to design and install, and do not affect the operation of other equipment and personnel maintenance.