Transportation industry

  With the advancement of society, passenger vehicles have become an important part of ensuring the normal operation of the entire social economy, which is closely related to the daily lives of ordinary people. However, passenger vehicles may cause serious casualties after a fire, explosion or even artificial arson. The lack of security of the public transport system on the bus system has even caused citizens to panic about the current society. For example, after the Kunming series of bus bombings in 2008, the people of Kunming were heart-wrenching, and the entire vehicle system was basically unoccupied, and citizens traveled instead. Taking a taxi or buying a private car or bicycle creates a greater burden on the originally congested transportation system and has a great impact on the normal operation of the entire society.

Fire hazard analysis


For the special vehicle of passenger vehicles, because the number of vehicles and the flow of people are large, the standard for fire protection is also high. To do the fire protection for passenger compartments, rear engine compartments and battery compartments, the following firefighters must be met.

Active prevention | Good smoke suppression effect | High efficiency in fire fighting | easy installation | Easy to operate | High safety factor