Development Path


In July, Mr. Chen Linguang successfully developed the Fixed Temperature-sensing Self-starting Water-based Fire Extinguishing Devices. In October, Anhui Chengwei Fire-Fighting Technology Co., Ltd. successfully entered the Hefei High-tech Industrial Development Zone.

2008 In February, the established temperature-sensing self-starting water-based fire extinguishing devices were successfully introduced to the market. In October, Chengwei won the ISO9001 quality certification.

2009 The products entered the Spanish market and obtained a number of patents. They became members of the China Fire Protection Association. Anhui, Yiwu, Jinghua and other TV stations reported Chengwei products, EU REACH test report, provincial new product certificate.

2010 CCTV "I Love Invention" reported Chengwei products for the first time, and the products entered the markets of Indonesia, Thailand, South Korea, etc.

2011 Products enter the market in Turkey, France, etc., CCTV "I love invention" for the second time

2013 Won the recommended products of China Central AMB, won the Chinese petroleum material supplier license, DI YI MING Fire Artifact developed successfully, CCTV "I love invention" for the third time

2015 CCTV "I Love Invention" reported for the fifth time, reached strategic cooperation with China CRRC, and reached strategic cooperation with Sany Heavy Industry. The products entered the public transportation system of nearly 20 cities across the country.

2017 Strategic cooperation with petrochemical enterprises such as PetroChina and Daqing Oilfield to jointly study fire safety and emergency solutions in the petrochemical industry

2018 New products Aerosol Automatic Fire Extinguishing Device, Smart Fire Warming And Disposal System successfully launched to market