DI YI MING fire artifact

DI YI MING fire artifact

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DI YI MING fire artifact

Filling amount: 0.15kg

Extinguishing agent: ABC ultrafine dry powder

Start-up time: ≤3s

Pressure: no internal pressure

Maintenance period: 5 years

Applicable temperature: -40 ° C ~ +90 ° C

Extinguishing range: electrical equipment, enclosed space fire

Scope of application: factory, distribution motor room, cable tunnel, communication base station, ship, subway, underground tunnel, vehicle engine compartment, etc.

Working Principle

Core Advantages


   Distribution Cabinet
      Communication base station       Vehicle engine compartment

The easy-to-install DI YI MING Fire Artifact is a good way to kill our inconvenient distribution cabinet fires in the bud.


With the increasing automation of communication equipment, the computer room has become the hub of modern communication, and its safety work has become a top priority. In the event of a fire, the entire communication network will be paralyzed, causing huge property losses and social impact.


Car engine fires have fuel leaks, electronic faults, engine overheating, etc. Our DI YI MING Fire Artifact can achieve active prevention and fire suppression in a small enclosed space in the engine compartment.