Temperature sensing self-starting fire extinguishi

Temperature sensing self-starting fire extinguishing device

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Foaming agent temperature resistant

Filling amount:1L/4L

Extinguishing agent:Foaming agent

Start Time:≤3s

Pressure:No Pressure

Maintenance period: 3 years

Proper temperature :-20℃~+70℃(Temperature resistant)

Scope of application:Solid, liquid, alcohol and oil blends, gases, and some metal fires

Working Principle

Core Advantages


   Petrochemical industry
      Cotton picker       Industrial and mining industry

The fire hazards in the petrochemical industry are mainly manifested in oil and electricity. Usually, the fire develops rapidly and is difficult to control. The use of a fixed temperature-sensing self-starting water-based fire extinguishing device can effectively prevent fires and timely control of fires. At present, it has been widely used in oil fields and oil depots.

In the normal cotton picking operation, cotton, cotton fan, high-speed rotating metal parts are all important areas of fire, and the engine compartment is also the key protection part.


The temperature-resistant fire extinguishing device is suitable for use in harsh environments, so it can be used as one of the fire prevention facilities in the industrial and mining industry, and can be used for on-site fire extinguishing to ensure safety in the event of a fire.