Temperature sensing self-starting fire extinguishi

Temperature sensing self-starting fire extinguishing device

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Car foam temperature resistance

Filling amount:2L

Extinguishing agent:Foaming agent

Emulator: electric start, thermal induction

Start Time:≤3s

Pressure:No Pressure

Maintenance period: 2 years

Proper temperature :-20℃~+70℃

Scope of application: solid, liquid, chemical raw materials, plastic products, rubber products and some electrical fires

Working Principle

Core Advantages


   Passenger vehicle engine compartment
      Ship engine compartment
      Logistics vehicle

Car engine fire has fuel leakage, electronic failure, engine overheating, etc. Our car temperature-resistant fire extinguishing device is designed and developed for this kind of fire scene.


The ship fire occurred most in the living quarters, the second in the cabin, and the third in the cargo hold. However, the degree of danger and difficulty in fighting were the biggest in the cabin fire. If there is a fire or explosion in the engine room, it will cause the ship to be destroyed.

The tires of the logistics vehicles rub against the ground for a long time, and the brakes are braked for a long time. The overloading of the tires will cause the tires to have a very high temperature. The installation of the vehicle-mounted temperature-resistant fire extinguishing device can have a good preventive effect.