Temperature sensing self-starting fire extinguishi

Temperature sensing self-starting fire extinguishing device

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Water system common type

Filling amount:1L/4L

Extinguishing agent: water agent

Start Time:≤3s

Pressure:No Pressure

Maintenance period:3 years

Proper temperature :-10℃~+55℃

Scope of application: solid organic matter, wood fire

Working Principle

Core Advantages


   Forest fire prevention unit
      Carton manufacturer
      Ancient architecture

It is an ideal equipment for forest fire fighting and the establishment of fire isolation belts. It also has good protection for operators and transport vehicles. It can be used for air-fired fire extinguishing, which can quickly extinguish fires and curb the further spread and spread of fire.

Installation of fire-extinguishing devices for large warehouses and flammable materials stacking places can effectively prevent fires, and the hidden dangers are invisible, and fire prevention is unburned.

The ancient buildings of Chinese-style tourist attractions are mostly wooden structures, so in the event of a fire, the entire building will be seriously damaged. We install a number of fire-fighting devices to extinguish potential fire hazards.