Temperature sensing self-starting fire extinguishi

Temperature sensing self-starting fire extinguishing device

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Foaming agent common type

Filling amount:1L/4L

Extinguishing agent:Foaming agent

Start Time:≤3s

Pressure:No Pressure

Maintenance period: 3 years

Proper temperature :-10℃~+55℃

Scope of application: solid, liquid, alcohol and oil blends, gases, and some metal fires

Working Principle

Core Advantages


      Transportation       Community Service Center Mini Fire Station

In addition to the commonality of general fires, gas stations also have the special characteristics of easy combustion of oil and explosive explosion of oil and gas. Among them, the tanker, the oil pipeline, the oil pipe interface and the distribution box are also the key areas to prevent the initial fire.


For the special vehicle of passenger vehicles, because the number of vehicles and the flow of people are large, the standard for fire protection is also high. The installation of fire-fighting devices can prevent and extinguish the carriages, rear engine compartments and battery compartments in advance.


Install a certain number of fire-fighting devices in public places (hotels, hotels, entertainment venues, etc.) to extinguish the initial fire. Simply operate the escape route to rescue trapped people.